maec_to_stix.indicator_extractor Module

class maec_to_stix.indicator_extractor.IndicatorExtractor(maec_package, file_name=None, config_directory=None)

Bases: object

Used to extract STIX Indicators from a MAEC Package.


the output STIX Package (with Indicators). An instance of the stix.STIXPackage class.

  • maec_package – the input MAEC Package, an instance of the maec.package.package.Package class.
  • file_name – the name of the file that contained the MAEC Package. Optional.
  • config_directory – the path to the directory where the JSON configuration files can be found. Optional.

Attempt to extract STIX Indicators from the provided MAEC Package using the specified configuration.

Returns:If indicators were extracted, a stix.STIXPackage instance with the extracted STIX Indicators. Otherwise, if no indicators were extracted, None.
exception maec_to_stix.indicator_extractor.UnsupportedMAECEntityException

Bases: exceptions.Exception

Basic exception for throwing when an unsupported MAEC document type is encountered.